Messy Cook? 5 Range Parts You Should Always Keep in Stock

17 July 2015
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Sometimes the best cooks in your restaurant are like mad scientists. The end game may be a delicious meal, but the process is a kitchen disaster. Not only can a messy kitchen look bad, but a chaotic style of cooking can also lead to malfunctioning stove and oven parts.

Instead of dealing with a broken stove, it a good idea to have some parts in stock. While shopping for extra pieces, like Garland stove parts, there are five specific parts that you should consider for a messy chef. These parts are easy to replace and will help keep the kitchen running as smooth as possible.

Oven Racks

Over-filling casseroles, deep dish pizzas, and baked hams are just a few of the meals that can cause messy situations in your restaurant oven. When food spills on the oven racks, it can burn directly into the racks and cause a deterioration of the material.

Leaving racks with food debris and burns on them can alter the flavor of foods you're cooking. Instead of wrecking all future meals, you have the ability to keep a wide range of extra racks on hand. Not only are these racks easy to replace, but you can even keep extras for specific meals. For example, you can have racks that are kept for just cooking pizza on.

Baking Elements

Even worse than burning food on an oven rack is burning food on a baking elements like heated coils that helps heat up an oven. When food gets on these coils, it can create damage. The elements may not work as well and create a burnt smell.

Having extra baking elements can ensure that your oven cooks evenly and cleanly. They are also good to have on hand in case of a malfunction. Replacing the element only takes a few minutes, but the oven needs to be completely cooled before doing so.

Stove & Oven Knobs

The knobs and dials for your range are essential to setting temperatures and heating elements. These knobs and dials are often located near the stove top. When a messy cook get involved, grease, liquids, and other foods can get clogged in the knobs. This can cause malfunctions and knobs that no longer work.

The knobs for your range are often screwed on. Once removed, you can easily clean the connection screw behind the knob. By having extra knobs, you can replace them instantly and still have access to all of your range settings.

Along with the knobs, you can purchase inserts for the parts. The knob inserts include the text for temperature and heat settings. Grease and other food materials can all cause wear on these inserts, making it harder to read. Easily replace the inserts with new ones so the temperatures can be easily seen.

Burner Grates

A messy cook can easily spill pots and pans over onto the burner grates. Over time, the grates may not cook as evenly or effectively as they did. This can mess with recipes, especially when trying to cook meat on the stove top.

Purchasing extra burner grates will give you clean ways to cook meals on your stove. Compatible grates can also be purchased in a number of different shapes. The variety of grate shapes can offer different ways to heat different sized pans.

Pilot Burners

Even worse than damage to the grates is damage to the pilot burners beneath them. These parts offer the heat for the stove and are essential for heating each burner. Boiling water, sauce, and hot grease can all create damage to these burners. Being short on a pilot burner will severely limit your output on a busy night.

By purchasing backup pilot burners, you will keep your stove running strong through all problems. Each burner on a stove has a separate pilot burner, so it's a good idea to have multiple parts available.

Even if you do not have the parts on hand, there are easy ways to order them directly overnight. This will help you get your range running as quickly as possible.