Corporate Catering: How To Plan Like A Pro

20 July 2023
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Many corporate events have catering because it provides guests with positive experiences and energy. If you're in charge of catering a pending corporate event, here are several ways to plan like a professional.

Decide Between a Buffet And Table Service 

You can go in two directions with corporate catering. You can serve food in a buffet or have guests order from their table. There are advantages to both, but you need to think clearly to throw a successful catered corporate event that goes over well for everyone in attendance.

For instance, a buffet is probably the way to go if you plan to serve a wide variety of food items. Guests can decide what they want to fill up on. Whereas if you plan to offer a simplified, premium menu, a sit-down catered event should provide the formality you're looking for. 

Choose a Professional Catering Company

You have many catering companies to partner with for an upcoming catered event. However, so that you're happy with the quality of food served to guests, try finding a company with ample experience and positive customer testimonials. 

The caterer should be renowned and have ample experience working at corporate events like yours. Once you find several candidates, interview them to see which company aligns with your budget and catering preferences. 

Create a Custom Itinerary  

The last thing you want happening during a catered corporate event is to do things at random. That's a surefire way to confuse your staff and face obstacles that negatively impact your reputation. A better strategy is to create a custom itinerary that explains what will happen throughout the catered event.

In the itinerary, include things like when the catering company will arrive, staff that will help them set up, and steps involved in the cleanup. Listing out these major stages gives your catered corporate event more organization and professionalism. 

Present Food in an Elegant Way 

One of the most impactful aspects of a catered corporate event is food presentation, especially if you plan to throw a formal event like a charity gala. Food presentation impacts the mood and overall experiences guests have.

So that your food aesthetics turn out great, be sure to use premium plates. It's one of the simplest yet most impactful things you can do. You can also add edible garnishes to your dishes, giving them more personality and vibrancy. 

Catered corporate events involve many moving parts, but sticking to a solid menu and managing it like a pro can keep guests happy and entertained. 

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