Using Hamburger Molder Equipment To Improve Your Cafe's Function

2 November 2021
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As the owner of a busy café, you want to offer the highest quality of food at the fastest pace possible. You count on your customers coming back and ordering more food from you to keep your restaurant financially afloat.

Part of turning out food that your customers want to order depends on how you make and present it. You can make sure that your burgers look their best and are made as quickly as possible by investing in hamburger molder equipment for your business. 

Fast Turnout

It can take several minutes to form and press hamburgers. You must ensure that they are the right width and thickness. You also must ensure that they have a solid edge that does not split or crack when you fry them.

Instead of forming them by hand and slowing down your restaurant's production, you can use hamburger molder equipment to form them. This piece of machinery can press and form burger patties faster than you can by hand. You can turn out more burgers each hour than if you were to form and press the patties yourself.

Uniform Appearance

The hamburger molder equipment also ensures that your burgers all look the same. You do not want to give one customer a thick burger and another customer a burger that is thin and small. You want each one that comes from your kitchen to weigh and look the same.

Instead of using frozen premade patties, you can use hamburger molder equipment to press and form the patties. Each one will be the same thickness and diameter. You can serve your customers freshly made patties and know that all of the hamburgers coming from your kitchen are uniform in appearance.

Avoiding Frozen Patties

Finally, hamburger molder equipment lets you make fresh burgers in-house rather than ordering and using frozen burgers. You want your customers to enjoy the freshness and flavor that come from handmade burgers. You can make patties in-house and avoid having to use frozen hamburgers that you can buy from a local big box store or food supplier.

Hamburger molder equipment serves an important purpose in your restaurant. It saves you time and lets you turn out burgers quickly. It also ensures the uniformity of the burgers that you serve and ensures each one is the same thickness and diameter. It also lets you make fresh patties in-house and avoid using premade frozen patties.