5 Dehydrated Foods to Try With a Solar Dehydrator

11 February 2021
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A solar-powered dehydrator dries out food quickly by relying on the heat from the sun so that you can easily store produce or make healthy snacks. A dehydrator is good for bulking up your food storage and trying your hand at homemade culinary delights. Here are 5 dehydrated foods you should definitely give a try. 

1. Apples

Apples are a classic choice to dehydrate. They are sweet and a little tangy, and they hit the soft spot between crisp and chewy that makes them a great food to snack on. You can toss your apple slices with a sprinkle of cinnamon for an added burst of flavor that is perfect for throwing in oatmeal or topping a mug of apple cider. Slice the apples in rings or thin slices before laying them out in single rows inside your solar dehydrator. 

2. Mango

Mangos are an awesome tropical treat, and the dehydrated version is just as sweet but much less messy. Dehydrated mango slices can be bagged up and packed for a hike or road trip. Add a sprinkle of caster sugar to a bowl of water and dip your slices before laying them out to dry for an extra sweet treat that is a dessert in its own right. 

3. Oranges  

Dried rounds of oranges are beautiful to look at and tasty in mulled cider. They also smell great, and you can add them to potpourri. Slice an orange across, thin, so you have disks when you lay them out in your drier. String a needle and thread through each slice until you have a chain to hang in a window where it can catch the light. Try different sizes and varieties like blood oranges or tangerines. 

4. Beef Jerky

Solar dehydrators aren't only for fruit and veggies, you can dehydrate meat as well. Making jerky used to be one of the most effective ways to preserve meat. Today, jerky is a tasty snack that you can make with your solar dehydrator. To properly dry your meat, make sure to follow the instructions in your recipe carefully. You can add all kinds of spices to your homemade jerky, from black pepper to teriyaki sauce. 

5. Herbs

Garden grown herbs can be preserved after the growing season by dehydrating them. Herbs are easy to dry, and you can put just about any kind of herb or spice in your solar dehydrator. Fresh thyme, basil, and rosemary are a great place to start, and they season up hearty winter stews. Make sure you store herbs in an airtight container to preserve their flavor. 

Learn more and try these foods by contacting solar food storage dehydrator suppliers.