4 Reasons To Purchase Hamburger Moulder Equipment

8 September 2020
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The coronavirus has impacted every business differently, but restaurants continue to thrive. People always need to eat, and many have been turning to restaurants for takeout and delivery options. It's a great time to invest in new equipment for your restaurant. The right equipment will help you provide a better product and faster service for your customers. Here are four compelling reasons to purchase hamburger moulder equipment for your food service business:

1. Standardize your burgers.

Whether they're made from pure ground beef or augmented with eggs and seasonings, hamburger patties must be shaped. Shaping hamburger patties by hand is a process that leaves room for variation and error. Some burgers will be larger or thicker than others, which can be a problem if your customers don't get exactly what they're expecting. Hamburger moulder equipment creates perfectly even patties of the same size, every time. Use a professional hamburger moulder to standardize the shape and size of your hamburgers.

2. Refine your inventory process.

The inventory process is vital for any restaurant. Food costs can quickly add up, especially if you over-purchase materials accidentally. Keeping an accurate inventory is a skill learned over time. However, certain pieces of restaurant equipment can make the task easier. Hamburger moulder equipment can refine your inventory process. These machines require a precise amount of ground beef to create patties of the desired size. By weighing ground beef for use in the moulder machine, your employees will be able to accurately report the amount of beef left in the refrigerator at the end of each day.

3. Craft specialty burgers.

Hamburgers are an American classic, which means burger restaurants will face heavy competition. Specialty burgers can help your restaurant stand out in the crowd. For instance, stuffed burgers are a crowd-pleaser. By filling a hamburger with the cheese of your choice, you can create a surprising, delicious hamburger patty. Hamburger moulder equipment will facilitate the creation of stuffed burgers. Simply roll raw ground beef in a ball around the filling of your choice, then place the ball in the moulder equipment for shaping.

4. Assist your employees.

Kitchen staff members have busy jobs. Cooking is a time-sensitive task, and all time-saving tricks and tools are welcome. You can make your employees' jobs easier and more efficient by providing the right tools. Hamburger moulder equipment will allow your employees to shape hamburger patties more quickly, which will reduce their stress and allow them more time to finish their other tasks.

If you think getting hamburger moulder equipment is a good idea for your restaurant, reach out to a company like Mainca USA Inc.