3 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Fitness Meal Plan Delivery Service

9 May 2019
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Fitness meal plan delivery services can make your fitness journey easier, whether you are just starting or a competitive athlete. Each service has its own benefits, and it can be difficult to choose between them. Focusing on three main factors can make your decision a little easier.

Amount Of Preparation

Many delivery services only ship the ingredients to prepare your own meal based on their recipe. This is a good option if you want slightly more control over the recipes you choose since you can leave out or substitute ingredients and can control how cooked the proteins and fresh vegetables are. As an alternative, some services offer the delivery of fully-prepared meals. The meals you select are typically delivered fresh, and you can heat them in the microwave or freeze them if you will not consume them within a few days. This method is more convenient, especially for people who have a full-time job in addition to their fitness endeavors, or their fitness regimen is significantly increased as it nears a competition.


The offerings in a meal delivery service is likely the most important part. Everyone has different nutrition needs and preferences, and these needs can change based on your regimen or before you start preparing for an event. Some services only allow you to select meals or recipes from pre-determined offerings, which may change weekly. If you have a high calorie allowance each day, it may be easier to find meals. Additionally, you must consider macro counts. If a service does not offer meals for different types of dietary restrictions, such as people who eat a Paleo or Keto diet, then most of the offerings will likely have balanced macros, which can be too carb heavy for some people.


The ability to adapt your meal delivery service based on your needs also influence your decision. For example, you may use a service during maintenance periods, but find it impossible to create a menu while you are cutting. In this instance, you need to consider how you can adapt your meal delivery service to changes in your dietary needs. You need to know how easy it is to change the number of meals you order each week, pause, or stop your service when it is not meeting your needs. Some services may offer a la carte options so that it is much easier to swap out higher calorie or high-carb parts of the meal so that you can stay within a new macro or caloric limit.

In general, when you choose a meal delivery service, the more flexibility and options the service provides, the happier you will be with the service.