The Wonderful World Of Offal Meats

29 November 2016
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Contrary to the faces that most people make when the subject of liver is brought up, offal meats are not awful! Offal, or the internal organs of animals, are typically extremely nutritious and tender. This is the reason predators go first for the organ meat of their prey; it is nutrient dense. And because offal isn't in high demand, it tends to be relatively inexpensive compared to other cuts of meat. Here is a brief guide to introduce you to offal and make it easier when you head to the butcher shop. 

The Heart

Technically a muscle, the heart is similar to steak in texture. It can also be ground and used as regular ground beef would be. The heart is perfect for thinly slicing or cutting into cubes and marinating to make "steak" sandwiches or kebobs.

The Liver

Liver seems to be one of those things where people either love it or hate it—and more so the latter. With all due respect to Mom, the liver your Mom used to cook and force you to eat was probably not prepared correctly. Beef liver should be soaked in milk for an hour. This removes any strong gamey taste. It also shouldn't be overcooked. Regardless of the cut of meat, when it is cooked to the point it resembles shoe leather, it's not going to win fans. Chicken livers, whether deep-fried or turned into pate, are also quite good.

The Kidneys

Beef kidneys also benefit from soaking in milk or even lemon juice. This helps to remove any impurities and soften the flavor. Sautéed kidneys served over egg noodles with gravy and crusty bread gives a great taste. Another way to consider trying it is by making a classic steak and kidney pie. Diced beef and diced kidney is paired with sautéed onions and gravy and baked in a rich buttery pastry shell. No one would even suspect the kidney wasn't traditional beef, which makes it a good dish for beginners.

The Brains

This is one organ that many people have a hard time swallowing, but the brains of cows, sheep, and pigs are incredibly tender and delicately flavored. They are also jam-packed of nutrients and enzymes that are good for your own brain. If you're still squeamish, have the butcher slice the brain into thin slices, and then marinate the pieces before dredging lightly in flour and sautéing until it is a golden brown and serving with a lemon butter caper sauce.  If you are a hunter, you can also ask your wild game processor to include your organ meat in your package. This way you can try the different cuts first from your own organic, grassfed harvest.