2 Things To Keep In Mind Before Making Your Own Craft Beer

12 November 2014
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Brewing craft beer at home is becoming increasingly popular, both for people trying to start their own business and those who simply want a high quality beer for themselves and their friends. Two things to keep in mind when brewing your own craft beer are that you will need the proper equipment and fresh ingredients.

Proper Equipment

The first thing to keep in mind when deciding to make your own beer is to buy the right equipment. When buying brewing equipment, you can either choose to buy the components individually or in a kit.

While the kit does have everything you need, the components will not be as high-quality as the ones you buy individually. However, the convenience and lower overall cost of buying a kit makes it a perfect option for a new brewer. With the kit, a brewer can try out the brewing process without spending too much money, and if you decide against continuing, then you aren't going to lose all that much money.

Basically, the three main items you will need will be a large sealable bucket, a bubbler, and a large pot. The pot is necessary to boil the water and and steep the grains. The sealable bucket is necessary to allow the beer to ferment for a few weeks (usually two), while the bubbler is to allow gas to exit the bucket without contaminating the beer.

Optional equipment includes a bottler and glass jars. The glass jars are great for long-term beer storage and fermentation, while a bottler is a great resource to allow you to create your own bottled beer for sale.

Fresh Ingredients

The freshness of your ingredient will have a large effect on the taste of your beer. For example, hops and grains are available in a crushed and dried form. The problem with this is that as soon as the hops and grains are crushed, they will have a very short window in which they should be used before the flavor begins to fade.

In addition, any added ingredients that you used when making your beer should be as fresh as possible. For example, if you are making a beer that uses different types of fruit to provide a refreshing flavor, fresh fruit will have a more pronounced effect than dried or powdered.

Contact Hoboken Beer & Soda Outlet or a similar location to get even more tips for brewing your beer. In addition to advice, a craft beer store can often provide you with all of the equipment and supplies you will need to brew your own beer. By having the proper equipment and fresh ingredients, you will have a better chance of making a delicious craft beer.